Local 045 Council Representatives 2019 -2021

Chapter 001 

Lorrie Hodgkinson, Ranie Pitos, Felicite Millan, Krystal Kryski, Elizabeth Stanley, Zusette Tendenilla

Chapter 002 

Brenda Marks, Martha Simeon, Colleen Turner, Sonia Flores, Yvonne Jones, Norma Marion 

Chapter 003 

Angela Smyth 

Chapter 004 

Ellen Rensby, Barb Bolton 

Chapter 005 

Michelle Goldstone 

Chapter 006 

Alfred Schmidtke, Beverley Preston, Nancy Burton, Sherri Weston, Laura Morales, Robert Wu, Joseph (Rob) Seguin, Nohad Abouden, John Marzouk, Alexis Jones, Yolanda Paz 

Chapter 007 

Marlene Janissen 

Chapter 008 

Mary Jane Fisher, Florinda Canteras, Glen Scott,  Krista Persian, Lenny Garaceni

Chapter 009 

George Stonehouse 

Chapter 10 

Stephanie Stewart, Edna Hickey, Dawna Morton, Esther Gyamfi-Brako

Chapter 11 

Kate Henneberg, April Marcin

Member services Officer or a Union Steward

To contact a Member services Officer or a Union Steward for your site please call the number below and request a MSO on the Healthcare Team or a Union Steward at your site, you will now be directed through the "AUPE Call Centre" located in Edmonton, they will then forward your call or a message to the MSO or department required: 

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees - Calgary Office is located at: #200, 2116 - 27th Ave. N.E. Calgary, Alberta T2E 7A6 Ph: 403 531-8600 Fax: 403 283-7328 Tol Free: 1 800 232-7284 

Chapter 001

  • Maharanie Sehti, Lorrie Hodgkinson

Chapter 002

  •  Brenda Marks, Stan Bateman, Charlene Lennox

Chapter 003

  • Megan Corceilli, Angela Smyth

 Chapter 004

  •  Ellen Rensby, Barb Bolton, Ellen Stinn

 Chapter 005

  • Michelle Goldstone, Shirley Marusaik

 Chapter 006

  •  Nancy Burton, Bev Preston, Chaianan Duangjan, Alexis Jones, Paul Nielson, Sheri Weston, Joanne Zawada

 Chapter 007

  •  Call AUPE Main Office

Chapter 008

  • Mary Jane Fisher

Chapter 009

  •  Michelle Williams, Cheryle Pratt

 Chapter 010

  •  Tammy Wilson, Lenora Evans, David Skakum, Stephanie Stewart

Chapter 011

  • Tammy Wilson

Chapter Executive

Chapter 001 

Chair:  Elizabeth Stanley 

Vice-Chair: Lorrie Hodgkinson

Secretary: Zusette Tendenilla

Treasurer: Rani Pitos

Chapter 002 

Chair: Brenda Marks 

Vice-Chair: Collen Turner 

Secretary: Sonia Flores

Treasurer: Yvonne Jones

Chapter 003 

Chair: Angela Smith 

Vice-Chair: Vacant

Sec/Treasurer: Marion Barbeau

Chapter 004 

Chair: Ellen Rensby

Vice-Chair: Melissa Bergen 

Secretary: Marjeanne Garcia

Treasurer: Bertha Weller

Chapter 005 

Chair: Michelle Goldstone 

Vice-Chair: Sharron Gardner

Secretary: Nancy Lowten

Treasurer: Barb Neufeld

Chapter 006 

Chair: Nancy Burton 

Vice-Chair:  BeverleyPreston

Secretary:  Pechka Anguelova

Treasurer: Vacant 

Chapter 007 

Chair: Marlene Janissen 

Vice-Chair:  Perlita Ulanday

Secretary:  Tracey Cormier

Treasurer: Vacant 

Chapter 008 (local45chapter8@gmail.com)

Chair: Mary Jane Fisher

Vice-Chair: Nancy Al Haddad

Secretary: Maureen Zapisocki

Treasurer: Maureen Zapisocki

Chapter 009  

Chair: Vacant

Vice-Chair:  Karen Campbell

Sec/Treasurer: Billie Turner

Chapter 010 

Chair: Stephaine Stewart 

Vice Chair: Tammy Wilson 

Secretary: Dawna Morton

Treasurer: Edna Hickey

Chapter 011 

Chair: Tayla Grochowich

Vice Chair: April Marcin

Secretary: Kate Henneberg

Treasurer:  Esther Woods

Local Executive

Chair – Angela Smyth
Ph: (403) 609-5020
E: angelscare@shaw.ca
Vice-Chair – Nancy Burton
Ph: (403) 827-5564
Fax: (403) 932-5263
E: ndburton@hotmail.com
Secretary – Lorrie Hodgkinson
Ph: (403) 479-2305
E: mamasledge44@hotmail.com
Treasurer – MaryJane Fisher
Ph: (403) 819-2184 
E: mjfisher71@gmail.com
P.E. Member – Beverley Preston
Ph: (403) 651-6727
Fax: (403) 764-7128
E: bepresto@shaw.ca
Alternate P.E. Member – 


 Beverley Preston

 Lorrie Hodgkinson

 Lorrie Hodgkinson

 Brenda Marks

Time Off's
 Nancy Burton