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Time Off Request and RSVP

To be used by all Local 45 members when requesting Time Off for Local 45 Union Business. 

Full Name

AUPE Member #

Phone #

Date of Time Off Request   DD  MM  YYYY

(Required if only asking for one day off, if second date required please also fill out the next field below.)

Second Date Needed   DD  MM  YYYY

(Please use if requesting several dates in a row. Note in the comments section if hours of work or shift is different than the first requested date.)

Yours Shifts 


Evenings (shift diff. + 2.75/hr from 1500hrs to 2300hrs).

Nights (shift diff. +$5.00/hr from 2300hrs to 0700hrs)

Weekends (shift diff. +$3.25/hr Friday 1500hrs to Monday 0700hrs)

Other (provide note in comment for 12hrs members)

(Only send info that pertains to yourself)

Hourly Rate of Pay $??.?? (or say no time needed)

Meeting Types (either: Local Council Representative, Chapter Executive Member, Local Executive Member, Observer, Convention Delegate)

Food Allergies


[Send the email to the following emails please:;]

Local 45 Committee's

Anti-Privatization Sub - Committee: 

Chair:  Nancy Burton, Rob Seguin (Ch.6), Mary Jane Fisher (Ch.8), Felicitie Milien (Ch.1), Sonja Flores (Ch.4)

Social Committee

Chair:  Lorrie Hodgkinson, Yvonne Jones (Ch.2), Alexis Jones (Ch.6), , Michelle Goldstone (Ch.5), Florinda Canteras (Ch.8), Tammy Wilson (Ch.10)

Bridge to Youth Committee:  

Chair:  Bev Preston E, Rani Pitos (Ch.1), Ellen Rensby (Ch.4), Colleen Turner (Ch.2), Alfred Schmidtke (Ch.6)

OHS Committee

Chair :  Michelle Goldstone (Ch. 5), Daisy Mallik (Ch.1), Colleen Turner (Ch.2), Angela Smyth (Ch.3), TBD (Ch.4), Rob Seguin (Ch.6), Marlene Janissen (Ch.8), TBD (Ch.9), Tammy Wilson (Ch.10), TBD (Ch.11)

Finance/Policy Committee:  

Chair: Brenda Marks (Ch.2) Local Chair:Lorrie Hodgkinson (Ch.1), Angela Smyth (Ch.3), Ellen Rensby (Ch.4), Michelle Goldstone (Ch.5), Beverley Preston (Ch.6), Marlene Janissen (Ch.7), Florinda Canteras (Ch.8), George Stonehouse (Ch.9), Joy Hanson (Ch.10), TBD (Ch.11)