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Time off Request and RSVP's

Please send your request for time off requests or RSVP's  to the following emails:;

Along with brief information about the time,date and reason you are asking to get off. 

You should receive confirmation between 5-10 days once received. 

Local 45 Committee's

Anti-Privatization Sub - Committee: 

Chair:  Nancy Burton, Rob Seguin (Ch.6), Mary Jane Fisher (Ch.8), Felicitie Milien (Ch.1), Sonja Flores (Ch.4)

Social Committee

Chair:  Lorrie Hodgkinson, Yvonne Jones (Ch.2), Alexis Jones (Ch.6), , Michelle Goldstone (Ch.5), Florinda Canteras (Ch.8), Tammy Wilson (Ch.10)

Bridge to Youth Committee:  

Chair:  Bev Preston E, Rani Pitos (Ch.1), Ellen Rensby (Ch.4), Colleen Turner (Ch.2), Alfred Schmidtke (Ch.6)

OHS Committee

Chair :  Michelle Goldstone (Ch. 5), Daisy Mallik (Ch.1), Colleen Turner (Ch.2), Angela Smyth (Ch.3), TBD (Ch.4), Rob Seguin (Ch.6), Marlene Janissen (Ch.8), TBD (Ch.9), Tammy Wilson (Ch.10), TBD (Ch.11)

Finance/Policy Committee:  

Chair: Brenda Marks (Ch.2) Local Chair:Lorrie Hodgkinson (Ch.1), Angela Smyth (Ch.3), Ellen Rensby (Ch.4), Michelle Goldstone (Ch.5), Beverley Preston (Ch.6), Marlene Janissen (Ch.7), Florinda Canteras (Ch.8), George Stonehouse (Ch.9), Joy Hanson (Ch.10), TBD (Ch.11)