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About the Committee

According to AUPE’s Constitution, a Negotiating Team shall be elected for each bargaining unit, for whom the Union bargains, to set bargaining proposals and bargain collectively on behalf of the bargaining unit from which they were elected. A new Negotiating Team shall be elected, wherever possible, at least three (3) months prior to the expiry date of the contract to be negotiated. The size and composition of the Negotiating Team, where not determined by the Constitution, shall be determined by the Provincial Executive Policy

According to AUPE Policy, a maximum of one (1) member for each Local of the General Services (Provincial Government) and two (2) members for each Local of the Auxiliary Nursing Multi -Agreement (Alberta Health Services) and two (2) members for each Local of the General Support Services (Alberta Health Services) when each are negotiating at single (1) tables. These members will include the Elected Negotiations Team member from the Local and an Alternate member for the Local. 

Local 45 has elected two Alternates and has ranked them for the purposes of the Constitution.  Below is a list of the Chapter negotiation team members.  Please feel free to contact them for updates.  As often as possible, updates to the Bargaining Process will be placed on this page.  If you would like to have in the moment updates, please contact the Local email and ask to have your name included on the list of recipients of email communication.  


Bargaining Updates

Local Negotiations Committee

2017- 2019 

Primary Negotiating Team Members:

Brenda Marks P: 403-469-1145, 403-601-9637


Angela Smyth P:403-678-2971

Email : angelscare@

Local Negotiating Team Members:

  1. Ch 001 - Felicite Milien
  2. Ch 002 - Brenda Marks
  3. Ch 003 - Angela Smyth
  4. Ch 004 - Ellen Rensby
  5. Ch 005 - Michelle Goldstone
  6. Ch 006 - Nancy Burton
  7. Ch 007 – Marlene Janissen
  8. Ch 008 - Beverley Bartley
  9. Ch 009 - Vacant
  10. Ch 010 - Tammy Wilson
  11. Ch 011 -