Welcome to Local 45

Local 045 is a Multi-site Local comprised of Health Care Aide's, Licensed Practical Nurses, Operating Room Tech's & Orthopedic Tech's.

Local 045 is made up of approximately  (3400) members working within Calgary & Surrounding Area.

Within Alberta Health Services we service approximately forty-five (45) worksites.

We have Eleven chapters set up to serve our members:

Chapter 001 - ANC Peter Lougheed Centre

Chapter 002 - ANC Rockyview General Hospital

Chapter 003 - ANC Rural West GM 24th March

Chapter 004 - ANC Rural South

Chapter 005 - ANC BBCOH Community Care

Chapter 006 - ANC Foothills Campus

Chapter 007 - ANC Rural East GM 18th March 200pm

Chapter 008 - CCA Community Care GM 7th March / 2nd Call

Chapter 009 - ANC Rural North GM 2nd March

Chapter 010 - ANC South Health Campus 

Chapter 011-ANC Alberta Children's Hospital

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